A Trip for the Body and Mind

Bringing People Together

The popularity of cannabis retreats will be growing in Canada over the next year. Aimed at new and experienced cannabis users, these festivals will serve as both a social and educational experience over the course of a few days. The retreats include a variety of other wellness methods: yoga, spa visits, and wellness workshops. 

Healing the Body and Mind

Expanding consciousness with cannabis relies on a variety of factors: frequency of use, state of mind and body, environment, dosage, and strain, and the ability to meditate. When used in meditation, it clarifies the minds thoughts and feelings. Cannabis has been proven to enhance meditation, and together with it’s physical healing properties, creates a powerful combination. Healing both the body and mind is truly an extraordinary experience.

Natural Wellness

Discover Cannabis Tours opens the doors for a safe and fun environment to start healing naturally. Guests will learn more about cannabis, and can pick and choose their own cannabis from the best local dispensaries. In addition, the Discover tour guides provide experienced local travel advice for cannabis friendly guests. Traveling doesn’t need to be stressful, experience meditation and spiritual awakening with the help of cannabis. Book a tour with us today!

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