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The word triggers a lot of discussions with varying opinions. Though not widely accepted in the society, the cannabis plant is beginning to find acceptance in many parts of the world thanks to its medicinal benefits.
In the early 1900’s, many governments from all over the world viewed using cannabis as destructive to the body and mind, passing laws prohibiting its use and cultivation. However, over the years, society began to view its usage as more of a taboo since cannabis users do not pose as big of a problem as governments made it out to be.

Why Was It Illegal Anyway?

For example, some past studies linked increased cannabis usage with criminal and violent behaviour. However, as the saying goes: correlation does not equal causation. Were the participants of the study selected at random and compared with other random non-cannabis users? Were the social backgrounds of both sides of the study the same?
When cannabis laws are extremely tight, only risk-takers, such as criminals, would be willing to use cannabis. But that doesn’t mean using cannabis makes them violent and criminal to begin with. It took nearly 100 years for our society to realize the flaw in this logic, a society that was fortunately being truly represented by its own supreme court judges.

Our Government Wakes Up

In 2001, in a supreme court ruling, the Canadian government decriminalized the use of cannabis, meaning that possession of a small amount of cannabis would NOT face the consequence of having committed a crime (it would just simply be illegal, like j-walking or hosting more than 2 garage sales per year in Toronto). On June 21 2018, bill C-45 passed to fully legalize recreational cannabis use. It’s about time.
Legalizing a harmless medicinal plant for casual and recreational use is a forward-thinking move that reflects Canada’s open minded society. What really matters is the safety and well-being of all its citizens, and the ability to freely enjoy life. As we’ve seen for nearly 100 years, cannabis usage does nothing to stand in the way of that.
And that’s why we, at Discover Cannabis Tours, are proud to open our doors to anyone willing to witness the forward-thinking, open minded way of life in Canada. 
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